First and foremost this was the best fishing trip I have been on, we were a group of 8, most of us have done fishing trips together in the past, so we know a good trip from a not as good trip.
KCC was the best so far for me, the fishing was varied and great fun, the crew we had were all well experienced and good guys, we caught many different species of fish which made it even more exciting.
But in some ways it was the non fishing activities that made the trip so memorable.
On most days at about 4pm we would head back to camp for snacks, a swim and a few beers (its thirsty work catching all these fish!) In the evening a gourmet meal was prepared by Jules, most times this was our own fresh catch of the day…..what more could you ask for?
One worthwhile experience for me was the aboriginal art walk, Tubs is the local expert and took us into places most people would never find and told us incredible stories about the history of the land.
Not to be outdone by Tubs, Jules is not only a chef extraordinaire but the girl can sing as well (this will embarrass her I’m sure) There is a wonderful campfire site just off the main living pavilion where we would retire to after dinner for way too many wines and best fish of the day stories (some were true!) this was where Jules if coerced enough would unlimber her guitar and sing us some classics.
Our sleeping accommodation was very comfortable and as close to sleeping under the stars that you could get, even the ablutions had a view not to be missed!
All in all it was an awesome trip, much more than your standard fishing camp, this is a 5 star experience, thanks so much to Jules, Tubs and crew for a great week, I certainly plan to return soon, cheers Rob