The Kimberley is separated into 2 seasons: The ‘wet season’ and the ‘dry season’, both seasons are spectacular.

Kimberley Coastal Camp operates from mid-March to mid-October each year taking advantage of the tail end of the wet season and the Kimberley dry season.


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When to Visit for Fishing

We recommend fishing the neap tides as the water is clearer and calmer and the boats more accessible throughout the day. Neap tides offer a wider variety of fishing options such as flats casting/ sight fishing, trolling, bait fishing and bottom fishing.

Spring tides can have up to 7 metres of tidal movement which can result in choppy water and limited boat availability however some spring tides can easily be worked around. If you speak to us about your preferred travel dates we can let you know what the tides are doing during that time.


When to Visit for Rock Art, Bushwalking and Wildlife

Kimberley Coastal Camp is an ideal destination to just get away from it all. Unwind from the comforts of the day bed or by the pool. Nature is all around, you don’t even have to leave the sun lounge to admire sea eagles, brahminy kites, whistling kites, and maybe even a cheeky dingo.

For those that prefer bushwalking and rock art, the months of June to early August are ideal as the days are cooler and less humid. As the water holes start to dry up, birds concentrate around the remaining water bodies, making for spectacular bird watching.

Late-March to mid-May is still quite warm with temperatures sitting around the mid 30’s. Our freshwater billabong has water in it until mid-May each year and is a lovely walk with an inviting swim at the end of it. The temperatures start to increase again from mid-August and can become quite hot by October. Our pool offers a refreshing dip at the end of a long day.