This is true wilderness unspoilt by the introduction of feral animals, roads and pollution. With no roads and no airstrip, transport is limited to boat, helicopter, float plane, or on foot.

A number of walk trails have been established to cater to everything from a gentle stroll to a challenging all day hike. Experienced and knowledgeable guides will accompany you on your journey through the wilderness learning about traditional bush tucker and medicines along the way.

Sit by a billabong in the cool of the morning and watch the birds come in for a drink. Rest in caves carved out by millions of years of water action and see the artwork left by our predecessors.


A short cruise by boat from Kimberley Coastal Camp are numerous untouched islands and beaches where it is possible to go ashore and explore, picnic under a boab tree or just enjoy the view.

Kimberley Coastal Camp is a haven for birdwatchers, artists, photographers, and naturalists.

Because of our unique location in an isolated wilderness guests enjoy a wide diversity of habitats including stunning sandstone outcrops, tranquil billabongs, open woodland, paperbark lined rivers, huge tidal estuaries, mangrove lined creeks, remnant patches of rainforest, and idyllic islands and beaches.


Marvel at crocodiles sunning on river banks, the swoop of the majestic sea eagle, shy wallabies bounding over rocky outcrops, cheeky quolls on their evening visit, a handsome dingo in the spinifex, turtles swimming over coral reefs and the occasional gigantic humpback whale and calf in their warm water breeding grounds.