The benchmark in remote location tropical sportsfishing, Kimberley Coastal Camp is situated right on the edge of the pristine waters

of the Admiralty Gulf in the far north Kimberley region of Western Australia, considered one of the best fishing regions in Australia.

Even by Kimberley standards, Kimberley Coastal Camp is isolated. With access limited to helicopter and float plane, and numbers kept to a minimum, fishing here is for the privileged few.



Fish these abundant waters for Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark, Mulloway (Northern Black Jew Fish), Threadfin Salmon, Giant Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, Queen Fish, Coral Trout, Blue Bone and numerous other tropical species.

In one day it is possible to catch everything from Barramundi to Blue Bone to Blue Fin Tuna.

Fishing Conditions

Huge tidal rivers together with mangrove lined creeks, estuaries, flats, offshore reefs and islands as well as blue water, ensure an exciting variety of fishing options. Kimberley Coastal Camp is one of very few fishing destinations in Australia able to offer such diverse options to the keen angler.

Fishing at Kimberley Coastal Camp

With no pre set itineraries and a huge expanse of water to explore, a day’s fishing at Kimberley Coastal Camp is sure to impress. Together with your guide, plan your day according to the tides and your preferences.

Unlike most other fishing camps, Kimberley Coastal Camp is located right on the water, so there is no need to travel 50km before even launching the boat.

Fish all day every day or maybe after a morning’s fishing take your catch ashore on a deserted island fringed by Boab trees and have your host and guide cook it for you ‘bush style’ on the coals. Spend some time plucking succulent mud crabs from the mangrove lined creeks and have the chef prepare them to your liking for the evening’s meal.


Kimberley Coastal Camp operates on a catch and release basis with only those fish destined for the table retained from the day’s catch. We promote sustainable fishing methods at all times.