Travelling with family and friends I have just visited one of the most beautiful places you can visit where days resemble postcards and nights show the beauty of the stars. The camp is run by Jules and Tubs; Jules delivering quality restaurant meals and Tubs memorable fishing and bush experiences. From the moment you arrive, in itself an adventure, you relax. Put your phones away as they don’t work out there and replace it with a cold drink and quickly the magic of the Kimberley will relax you; it is a very amazing place and one of the planets hidden gems. We stayed for 6 days and each day we went fishing or walking to art sites dating back 30,000 years. The fishing was exceptional and over the course of the week we caught Barramundi (one over the magical metre mark), Queen fish,Snapper, Trevally, Tuna and many more species. A few first time fishers amongst us quickly caught trophy fish and at no stage did we sit idle. After a long morning fishing we went to a nearby beach where Tubs and his helpers cooked the fresh catch in what was a day highlight; each day the fish was cooked differently and each day it was exceptional. After a days fishing we returned to camp where Jules and her small team took over. Whilst we cooled off in the pool with a drink in hand nibbles were served before we drifted off to shower and get ready for dinner. The food at the Camp was way above my expectations. Breakfast was hot or cold (up to you) and dinner was a sit-down extravaganza with food you would be happy to eat in the finest of restaurants. There was always more food than you can eat and the nearby fridges stocked for the biggest of thirsts. The camp itself is casual and clean; the perfect mix for total relaxation. The rooms are basic with a comfortable bed on a shell grit floor. The ceiling fan kept the temperature at a comfortable level to sleep and the mesh windows kept all bugs out; they were not an issue at all. Waking up to the sun rise in the Kimberley is something everybody should experience; it is WOW. It is a place we will definitely visit again and our thanks to Jules, Tubs, Troy, Jonas, Brenton, Katie and Simon for making our stay so memorable. April 2019